Minding Media

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For a startling study about TV, movies, and other end-time

avenues to the mind, visit BeltOfTruthMinistries.org

or Google "Media on the Brain."

As we strive to live pure, loving lives, one way is by "minding media."

Radio, TV, videos, literature, and the internet can indeed be valuable tools to share life-changing (and life-saving) information – if the motives of both the producers and the participants are pure.  The secular forms of each, however, are, in majority, tools of the enemy.  Ranging from downright wicked to "merely" worldly, each form of media can degrade and manipulate the mind (whether it's to grossly sin or to "merely" buy into philosophies we shouldn't heed and buy products we don't need).  

This "Heaven and Health" website is designed to free the mind from the secular media snare.  The tools that Satan has stolen for the purpose of "tearing down" can be reclaimed by God's children for the "building up" of God's people and His heavenly kingdom.

Let us watch, hear, read, think, and speak only the truth – that which brings us heavenly health.