Internet Insights

Some have said that "Google knows everything."  Though it does indeed provide a wonderful service (including powering this website) and has a friendly customer support staff, it is not the sole provider nor the soul's Savior.  Google is not God.  

And though Google (and other similar services) can provide a plethora of correct and helpful information, it isn't responsible for inaccuracies found in the websites that appear.  Some sites may be totally right; some could be totally wrong.  Many are a mixture of truth and error.  Some sites bring disgust; some bring sheer terror.

Like with all media, be carefully selective.  Reliable sites will often have .gov and .edu extensions.  But pray for wisdom and discernment even when reading "the reliables."


An option to browsing the Internet?  Yes!

I strongly suggest browsing the Bible.

Better yet, immerse yourself in it.

It is life-changing and life-saving.

And it is always accurate, written

by the One who does "know all."

Find audio-visuals of that best-selling Book,

as well as links to Bible-study tools,

on the "Literature" page.