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"Music was made to serve a holy purpose,
to lift the thoughts to that which is pure,
noble, and elevating, and to awaken in the
soul devotion and gratitude to God."
{Messages to Young People, page 293}


By God's grace, He transformed my tastes from opposing to classical music to
truly appreciating it, and from swaying to rock music to being dismayed by it.  

(See the testimony on this page, "Saved from Satan's Snare.")  

The music found on this site reflects the miracle of a new heart.  

Saved from Satan's Snare

Formerly a radio DJ, "proud" of broadcasting contemporary tunes,

I thought I was glorifying God and leading others to Him.

But the rockish music I was airing was unwittingly

glorifying Satan and leading others to him instead.  

In God's mercy, He strengthened me

to turn from the tools of the enemy.

My soul found peace.

I am so thankful.  

We know that rock music, with its drumbeats and syncopation,

whether openly worldly or hiding behind "Christian" lyrics,

is a tool that demons use to hypnotize and tranquilize

(and eventually paralyze) Satan's listening prey.

I pray that you will no longer be (or become)

his captive by opening your mind to his music.

He is the wily foe, not a faithful friend.

The devil wants every soul to be destroyed

But Christ wants every soul to be restored.

May the music found on this site deepen your walk

with Jesus, our precious Savior, Redeemer, and Friend.

Let us, every day, in every way, choose Him.

"Music is a blessing, but it is often made one of
Satan's most attractive agencies to ensnare souls."
{Messages to Young People, page 295}

To view a warning about music beats, click this YouTube video link:

"Hark Not the Beats"